What your body has been missing.

Building and maintaining a healthy human body requires collagen. But most people don't eat enough, and protein powders don't include it. Until now.


Why should I take Whole Protein?

Deeper Sleep

Glycine (found in collagen) has been shown to increase sleep quality.

Athletic Recovery

Supplementing with collagen can result in greater muscle recovery after exercise.

You Need More!

Studies show our bodies need at least 10 grams of glycine per day, but we only make 3 grams.

Premium Quality Ingredients

We only use Whey Protein and Collagen Peptides from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. No artificial flavors, fillers, soy, or wheat.

Gold Standard Production

Whole Protein is made with next generation equipment in our NSF GMP audited, FDA registered facilities, right here in the USA.

I’ve been taking supplements for years now, but I’ve never had results this noticeable.

About a year ago, I started adding collagen to my whey protein shakes.

The difference was incredible.

Within a few weeks, I noticed my nails were stronger and shinier and my skin seemed smoother.

Even better? No more creaks and pops getting out of bed in the morning. Now I feel great getting up every single day. I was missing collagen and I didn’t even know it.

Mixing multiple powders was getting old (and tasting funny!), so we got to work sourcing the best ingredients and combining them in a blend that dissolves into water effortlessly and tastes great.

We knew it was important to make access to high quality collagen effortless and enjoyable. Because the bottom line is that we all need collagen to build a healthy body.

- Alex L (5 Star Review)

"Dissolves easily without a single clump in sight, and is super transparent about high quality ingredients."

- Alex L (5 Star Review)

- Nadav Y (5 Star Review)

"Finally I found a great way to ensure I obtain the benefits of collagen without having to spend an entire day hovering over my instant pot making bone broth."

- Nadav Y (5 Star Review)

- Daniel G (5 Star Review)

"Ever since my wife got pregnant I've been making her daily shakes. Last night she asked me what I did to get rid of that chalk flavor, and I told her we stopped using the big box whey and moved to something new."

- Daniel G (5 Star Review)

How should I take Whole Protein?

The most important thing is to get more collagen to your bones, connective tissue, skin, hair, and nails. Any way you eat or drink Whole Protein will do a great job of that!

To really get the most bang for your buck, aim for mornings or post-workout. In the morning, drink a scoop of Whole Protein with just water when you wake up. Or for a post-workout boost, put a scoop in water or a smoothie after a workout, game, or even just a long walk. Congratulations - you just made your body better!

What are your shipping rates?

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What's your return policy?

We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, full refund policy. We even pay the return shipping, so you don't end up with any out of pocket cost. The product can be in any condition - opened, used, damaged, etc - we'll still process your return. Because for us, the most important thing is that you're happy!

How does Subscribe & Save work?

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How much should I take?

This is largely a matter of personal preference. We generally recommend 5-7 scoops per week for most people, but hard charging athletes may want to increase that to 1.5 - 2 scoops/day.

What should I mix my Whole Protein with?

Most of the time, we just use water. You can change the ratio of powder to water for taste as you prefer, but we find most people like 1 scoop to 10oz of water.

If you'd like to mix it up (so to speak) - check out the starter guide for some recipe ideas!

Why add collagen to whey?

As humans, we need to eat protein so our bodies can build and maintain our tissues. Whey protein is similar in structure to the protein that makes up the majority of muscle. But we have many other tissues in our body that need maintenance too - bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, etc. Those tissues are made up mostly of collagen. So if we want to keep those parts of our body healthy, we need to be eating collagen. If you're interested in the biochemistry - we want more of the amino acid glycine (in collagen) to balance out the amino acid methionine (in whey and meat).

Am I already getting collagen from my diet?

It depends what you eat! Most people get some, but not enough. Our ancestors generally got much more collagen, as they ate more of the animal (called nose-to-tail eating), including much more skin, tendons, and bone marrow than most of us do now.

Does collagen get absorbed effectively by the body?

In short, yes. The collagen peptides used in Whole Protein are highly bioavailable short chain amino acids. This means that the good stuff gets into your bloodstream quickly - 90% of it within 6 hours in one study.

How can I buy Whole Protein outside the USA?

For the time being, we only ship to the USA. But we are looking into new regions - so shoot us an email to let us know where you'd like us to expand!

Can you remind me about Whole Protein later?

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